Tow Truck Insurance

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The tow truck drivers in your town should receive awards for bravery. They put their lives on the line every day to help a stranded motorist on the freeway or in a bad neighborhood. Because it is such a risky career it is very important that they carry tow truck insurance.

Commercial tow truck insurance is very important for a few different reasons. The first is the most obvious. A tow truck operator is taking the responsibility for vehicles that do not belong to the company. The cars that are picked up range in value from some that are very expensive to the least expensive models.

If damages occur to the vehicle during hook up or during the tow the tow company will be held liable for the damages. If they do not have a good truck insurance policy then the company could face the possibility that they will be forced to go out of business.

Another reason that commercial tow insurance is very important is the risk that the drivers put themselves through when the service vehicles. Many tow truck operators have to hook up to vehicles while they are on the freeway or a very busy street. They have to assist motorist with tire changes, which requires them to get close to the ground and in many cases on the side that faces fast moving vehicles.

Tow Truck InsuranceIf a tow truck driver is struck while trying to service a customer’s vehicle it can lead to a very serious injury or even death. Truck insurance is very important in this case. The pay out for the damage to a person’s vehicle or to the tow truck driver can be very expensive.

Finding commercial truck insurance for tow truck vehicles is more expensive than a normal auto insurance policy. The prices have to be higher because the risk is so much higher for the driver. The driver of a tow truck finds themselves in dangerous situations many more times a day then someone that is driving a normal car or truck.

The commercial vehicle insurance companies have to account for the extremely large payouts that are possible when the plan has to be exercised. In order to be able to make the larger payments for damages, they have to raise the monthly costs for the policy itself.

Hopefully, any tow truck driver would be more careful and pay closer attention to their surroundings than the average motor vehicle operator. While this is true, the tow truck operators are human as well. They get tired and distracted like any other person. Accidents happen to them as well as anyone else. While they are there to provide a service to a stranded motorist, they too can make a mistake.

Tow truck insurance is a very important part of the towing business. It allows the business owners to operate with the comfort that if something terrible happened to a driver or to a customer’s vehicle then they will be covered. Just knowing that they are protected allows them to continue providing excellent service to their customers.

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